Powder Puff, Cosmetic Puff, Makeup Puff, Sponge Puff. Swan Puff Manufacturing Corporation, Manufactures and exports all kind of Puffs.
Swan Powder Puff
swan powder puff
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  1. Can you make powder puff to order following what I have in mind?

    Yes, we can. You may send us sample with some modification instructions (if any). We will make a counter sample for your approval. This is according to your choice.
  2. What is the standard term of payment?
    • Confirmed irrevocable letter of credit (L/C)
    • Wire Transfer
    • US $draft cheque

Powder Puff

183 Maude St., San Juan, Metro Manila 1500 Philippines
Contact Nos. 726-2981 to 83
Emails: export@swanmfg.com, info@swanmfg.com, sales@swanpowderpuff.com